Bishops Cannings Church of England Primary School and Pre-School
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Pavenders were non-talking, rainbow-coloured fish that lived in the oceans of Narnia.

Pavender Class (Year 4)

Mrs Reed  |  Teaching assistant: Mrs Burnett 

What we do:

In Pavender Class we cover all subjects within the National Curriculum. We focus on the enjoyment of our learning as well as challenging ourselves in all subjects. Everyone works really hard to achieve their best in all areas of school life.  Our literacy work is often cross-curricular and makes links to work in science, geography and history. In Maths, we build on and develop skills learnt in previous years. We cover the four methods of calculation, then moving on to problem solving. In addition to this, we study data handling, shape space and measure. We do our best to give children practical experiences in Maths for example through cooking and measuring.


We are going to be writing poetry and also imaginative descriptive writing.  SPAG will focus on possessive apostrophes, paragraphs and the present and past progressive tense.


Our main topic areas this term are:

-Practise all the times tables so that they can recall all of them and the division facts up to 12 x12.

-Comparing, ordering and rounding decimals

-Recognise tenths and hundredths and place them on a numberline.

-Divide 1 or 2 digits by 100.

-Rounding to estimate money

-Use the four operations to solve money problems.

Topic work this term

Our topic this term is   the Ancient Greeks. We will be completing some drama activities about the Ancient Olympics and finding out about their lives and their legacy. 

Also, in geography, we will be creating a tourist guide for people who would like to go to Greece on holiday. We will find out about the climate, landscape, food, currency, jobs, population and location.


Pavender Class will learn about tooth decay, the different types of teeth in humans and in animals. They will study the human digestive system and what happens to food as it is processed.


On Fridays, Pavender Class will learn to play tag rugby. In these   lessons, they will develop their understanding of the rules of tag rugby and learn how to throw, catch and pass the ball.

Ancient Greek Pots

Children will find out about the different styles of Greek pots and how they have completed their craft. Then, they will make sketches and draw the Ancient Greek designs on a pot outline. 

Religious Education

Our RE topic for this term is to study how Jewish people have a special relationship to God. During our lessons, we will learn about the synagogue and how they worship God.

What the Children say:

Learning is fun in Pavender Class and we always get to do the best work!

Everyone is friendly, kind and helpful.  I'm in my 'happy place' here!


Please take a look at the Kilve Court presentation.

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