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We enjoy learning both through structured lessons and through opportunities for creative play and outdoor learning.

Hogglestock Hedgehogs Class (Year 1)

Teacher: Ms Steggall  |  Teaching assistants: Mrs Perry and Mrs Rowlatt 

Sept 2021 - July 2022

Our year one children are taught in Hogglestock Hedgehog Class. We enjoy learning both through structured lessons and through opportunities for creative play and outdoor learning. This year we have a main classroom which opens out onto the back playground with the forest school area and raised beds, which we use to grow fruit and vegetables. 

We have two TA's. Mrs Perry works with us every morning and Mrs Rowlatt works with us every afternoon. 

Text Box: Hedgehogs Class Newsletter    January 2022

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This term’s topic is  Up, Up and Away. We will start our topic by learning about British birds and will set up some bird feeders in our outside area to encourage more feathered visitors.  We will follow instructions to make bird feeders too. We will take part in the annual RSPB’s Big School Birdwatch. There is a also the BIg Garden Birdwatch which you could do at home too! 

  In Literacy, we will be beginning to write songs and poems, starting with a The Wright Brothers & The World's First Flight: When & What Happened? -  HistoryExtra   simple song about a robin.  The children will learn to describe common birds using adjectives.

 In history, we will find out about the Wright Brothers and the invention of the aeroplane.  We will also read about

   Amy  Johnson, the pioneering English pilot.  


In phonics, we have all moved onto Phase 5 which teaches the alternative letters for each sound, eg. ai can also be spelled ay and a_e.  In addition to reading the reading books, please continue to practise reading and spelling our Yr1 tricky words. Remember that there are games on the Phonics Play website that the children enjoy playing at home and will really help speed up their blending skills.  Books will now be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Please try to read books at least two times each at home. There are always new things to notice and discuss!

PE kits should be worn each Monday. This term we will be doing Multi-skills.

In Art this term we will be drawing birds and looking at birds in folk art.  The DT plan is for children to learn how to stitch and then cut and sew some felt birds.  If you would like to be involved with this (working with pairs of children) your help would be hugely appreciated. Let me know.

Next week we welcome Jennifer Gumm, a PGCE student teacher who will be working alongside me with the YR1 class until Easter.  

Thank you for all your support with homework last term.  Please can I remind you all that writing sentences containing the week’s spellings is now part of everyone’s homework. This important, ongoing part of homework really helps to improve children’s writing stamina.  Little and often is a good approach for many children.

On behalf of the whole Yr1 team, thank you for all the lovely Christmas cards and gifts,

We wish you all a healthy and successful 2022,      

Ms Steggall and Team Hogglestock Hedgehog

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